What is Rationalism? Part II

by alexeyburov

Dear all,

Slides for this presentation are here.

Sorry to say that, but my efforts to combine giving a talk and videoing it failed that time; hopefully, they did not double-fail :) Something got wrong with the video at the midst of my talk, and it does not seem reasonable for me to suggest one half of the dish.

Please be encouraged to leave your questions and comments right here, at this blog.

Our next meeting will be Fri, Nov 22, same place and time. The talk will be given by Jim Hylen: “A Natural World-view”.


A dive into cosmology, encountering the vast amounts we do and do not know about the universe, and provoking some discussion of philosophy from a natural perspective.

The talk will be not more than an hour, but the following discussion may take like 30min more. You may come and go any time. Everybody is welcome, as always.