Daniel Gruber, “Structuring Reality through Human Law”, June 7.

by alexeyburov

Dear friends,

our next meeting will be the last before the Fall, most likely, before the October. It will be devoted, first time for our society, to the philosophy of law.

Daniel Gruber has written 10 books, and has taught in numerous countries on 5 continents. His books have been translated into Polish, Russian, Hebrew, Dutch, Spanish, German, and French. In this talk, he focuses on the intersection of Government, Law, and Values in legal, political, and religious systems.


Hans Kelsen was considered by many in the 20th century to be “the formative jurist of our time,” influencing many who now teach and legislate. His “Pure Theory of Law” takes a multi-discipline approach that dispenses with the need for observation or correspondence to any objective reality. He based it on a Basic Norm which he said “not only contradicts reality, …but is also self-contradictory, …a fiction. …accompanied by the awareness that reality does not agree with it.” Rather than conforming his theory to reality, he conformed reality to his theory. In this way, he made the State free to forbid or command anything it chooses. His philosophy received “unqualified admiration” in much of the world. This talk examines Kelsen’s claim that an approach such as his, which measures everything by human cognition, must reject the existence of any objective reality. It argues that this claim is well-founded.

The time and place are same, 12:00, Req Room (WH4NW).

See you then and all the best.