Towards optimal organization of large laboratories: the case of HEP and Fermilab

by pronskikh

Dear Colleagues,

on January 19, Prof. S. Perovic (Dept of Philosophy, U Belgrade), the leader of a collaboration between U Belgrade and U Bohum, will present collaboration’s research on optimal organization of large laboratories. During first half hour of the meeting, Prof. Perovic will be explaining the general idea of the research and its outcomes, and then Dr. V. Sikimic (Dept of Philosophy, U Belgrade) will be briefly introducing the use of quantitative techniques in their work. During the second half of the meeting, all participants will be invited to discuss the findings and the survey for large labs prepared by the collaboration, express opinions, and raise question. Large lab optimization is a highly topical issue nowadays, and all interested are welcome to discuss the approaches philosophers and social scientists use.

Meanwhile, please take a look at the papers. The collaboration would appreciate if you could take a look (especially, critical look) at the survey, try it out, and suggest possible improvements.


(intended for large labs to gather information necessary for their optimization (draft version for discussion)


Supplementary materials (papers by the collaboration):

Optimal research team composition: data envelopment analysis of Fermilab experiments

How Theories of Induction Can Streamline Measurements of Scientific Performance

Fermilab soc epist HEP edit revision

Coopetition model of knowledge sharing in science: an Eastern-European case study