The priority of remarks

by alexeyburov

Dear colleagues,

The number of people in our meetings is getting bigger, and we have to accept certain limitations and regulations for remarks. I would suggest the following, so please comment with related ideas.

  1. During a talk, only short interrupting questions are welcome, not longer than a couple of sentences.
  2. After a talk, to avoid situations when a single person highjacks all the time, one should rise a hand before speaking.
  3. During discussions, those who have prepared slides (one or two) and sent them to the chairperson (to me so far) have the privilege to start first with a mini-talk, which follow the same rules as #1.
  4. If you wish to continue discussion after the meeting is over, you may try to invite your favorite interlocutor to have a lunch/coffee together. As for me, I would be happy to get that sort of invitation.