Free Will, open discussion

by alexeyburov

Dear colleagues,

Many thanks for all of you participated in our free-will discussion, ignited by Kevin’s talk four weeks ago (Kevin, thanks again!). I am especially grateful for those who prepared slides, reflected their struggle with this really hard old and important problem.

Kevin’s summary of his talk: free-will-recap

Lev’s contemplations on the style: kevin-free-will-style-critique

Matt’s pseudo-problem argument: matt_the-free-will-problem

Al’s determinism/chance considerations: al_brunsting_determinism-indeterminism-fermilab-philsoc-nov1716 .

Most likely, some of you did not express all what they wanted in the most clear way they would like. If so, this blog is exactly for such statements and clarifications; everybody is welcome to comment to this post. As for me, I am doing that right now.