Genesis of a Pythagorean Universe, part 3

by alexeyburov

Dear all, thank you for coming to my talk. Its main conclusion is that the laws of nature are so specific that there is no other candidate for terminus except of Mind per se, or Absolute Mind.

To go further, and to make any statement about the value of humans for the Creator, the problem of value of fundamental science has to be considered. My point is that if we assume that the Creator does not care about humans, the motivation for humans to care about his laws would be weak. General curiosity is insufficient for that hard adventure, requiring high inspiration and devotion. Note though that visions of values can be only shared, and never proved. If my vision is correct, the decline of public interest to fundamental science is going to continue due to indifference, if not hostility, to religion, dominating in the highest ranks of fundamental science. “Religion without science is blind, science without religion is lame”.

In more details the problem of value of fundamental science was considered at my talk given a year ago:

Slides of all the three parts.

The article (Springer version)

Video will be uploaded, hopefully, within a few days.