Genesis of a Pythagorean Universe (1)

by alexeyburov

Dear colleagues, it was my special pleasure to see each of you at one of the most important of my talks. Thank you all and please come for the second half on Apr 21, same place, same time. While it takes some work for Lev to prepare the video, the slides are already available, not to mention that the paper can be downloaded: Using the opportunity, I’d like to encourage reading a brilliant essay of Eugene Wigner “The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Mathematics in Natural Sciences” those of you who did not do that yet.  Although this essay may be not necessary for understanding me, it would help and enrich that a lot, not to mention its highest value of a philosophical masterpiece written by one of the fathers of Quantum Physics. This short essay of Wigner is one of the most cited philosophical works of physicists of all time: Google gives ~33000 of links to “unreasonable effectiveness of mathematics”, in English only. Maybe, only a few philosophical articles of Einstein are cited more.

Slides of the talk are here.