“Pythagorean Universe” wins FQXi prize!

by alexeyburov

Dear colleagues, as I informed some of you at one of our meetings, an essay of my son Lev and myself “Genesis of a Pythagorean Universe” passed into the finals of the international philosophical contest of the Foundational Questions Institute, FQXi. A theme of this year was “Trick or Truth: the Mysterious Connection Between Physics and Mathematics”. The contest was supported by the “Scientific American” journal, The John Templeton Foundation, Nanotronics Imaging, and The Peter and Patricia Gruber Foundation.

I am glad to inform you that at this prestigious contest our essay won the 4th prize!

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 17.02.34

Many thanks for everybody who supported us by his/her votes during a difficult time of competing for the finals!