“Genesis of a Pythagorean Universe” goes to the FQXi finals!

by alexeyburov


Our essay won the 6th place by the community rating among 203 participants, being ahead of many celebrities and club members.

Now the jury will be reading 40 essays of the finalists (15 club members+15 first in the community ratings+10 chosen by the jury), and the winners will be announced not later than June 6th.

The winners will be determined by the jury voting, disregarding the previous ratings and positions of the 40 finalists.

The most popular citation of our text was the following:

“To allow life and consciousness, the mathematical structure of laws has to be complex enough so as to be able to generate rich families of material structures. From the other side, the laws have to be simple enough to be discoverable by the appearing conscious beings. To satisfy both conditions, the laws must be just right.”