Announcement: Value of Fundamental Science

by alexeyburov

Fundamental/Theoretical science is a hard long-term human adventure requiring high devotion and social support, especially significant in the epoch of Mega-science of big laboratories. The measure of this devotion and this support expresses the value of the fundamental science for the public and scientific communities.

As scientists, citizens and human beings, we have to address the big question: Why the fundamental science has a value, in what it is, and what determines its strength?

The dominant answer: the value of science is caused by the curiosity and by the technological benefits through byproducts.

Is this answer really good?

My talk on that will be Thursday March 12, 12:00–1:00, Req Room (WH4NW).

Note that our meetings are shifted now by a half an hour. Everybody is invited; specific knowledge of philosophy is appreciated but not required. Feel free to come with your lunch.

Video series of my talks on the history of science “Faith of fundamental science” is publicly available. Values of science cannot be really seen without learning the faith which inspired scientific cognition through its history. I call this faith as Pythagoreanism.