Vitaly Pronskikh, Fermilab. Megascience revisited: is the epistemic unity an imperative ?

by pronskikh

On the basis of the Fermilab’s historiography, the features of megascience (as introduced by L.Hoddeson with colleagues) are revisited. Bearing on the notion of the epistemic unity in experimentation, I analyze possible causes of the formation of the experimental chains as well as certain non-epistemic factors associated with the rise of such strings. I discuss why the epistemic unity, which was typical for the classic experimentation, will help alleviate the influence that the non-epistemic factors exert on the knowledge production in megascience. I examine ethical implications of the epistemic disunity and propose strategies of its surmounting based on the concept of the epistemic democracy in science.

Time and Place: 12:30 pm, February 26 (Thursday), Fermilab, Req Room, WH4NW (4th floor)

Our discussion during the meeting, which involved experimentalists and instrumentalists in the audience, was great. For reasons beyond my control there is no audio, but I hope the presentation below can help you make an impression of the talk.

Presentation: fnal-mega-final