Announcement: Philosophical implications and consequences of the “Universe as a Closed Loop”

by alexeyburov

Dear colleagues, our next meeting is scheduled on Thursday, Jan 29, same time, same place (Req Room, WH4NW, 12:30). We will have an open discussion of Mike Albrow and Albert Stebbins talks on “A Cosmology with Time as a Closed Loop”. You may think about metaphysical, epistemological, ethical, and generally philosophical implications and consequences of that approach, and prepare your comments and questions. At the beginning, I will try to ignite that discussion with my own vision of this problematic from the philosophical side, and then we will move on.

For your convenience, the videos of all the three talks are available at the youtube (thanks to Lev):

M. Albrow, Part 1

M. Albrow, Part 2

A. Stebbins, Part 3