The philosophy of modeling and simulation

by pronskikh

A short “lunchtime” review of recent developments and discussions in the philosophy of modeling and simulation (with emphasis on computer simulations) for accelerator and HEP scientists and engineers will be given. I will discuss what modeling and simulation are, what types of simulations exist, what philosophy problems are posed in the field by various authors, such as the Duhem-Quine problem and holism in simulation, neo-Pythagoreanism and realism in simulation, normativity of simulations and progress in sciences, simulation as experimentation, verification and validation entanglement arguments, opacity in simulations and some other questions time permitting. The talk will be based in part on the discussions that took place during the conferences Philosophy of Scientific Experimentation PSX4 (April 2014, Pittsburgh) and Models and Simulation MS6 (May 2014, Notre Dame) I participated in as well as include fragments of my talk given at the MS6 conference. Finally, I will refute the ubiquitous claim that “all same type codes have to yield same results” as well as suggest some strategies for more successful simulation practices.