Schrodinger’s cat is dead or alive, let’s move on

by alexeyburov

May 8, Mike Albrow gave a talk related to the problem of quantum measurement, with the following abstract:

Schrodinger invented the cat story to ridicule some interpretations of quantum mechanics. I agree.
“Wave-function collapse” has nothing to do with conscious observers. I will discuss.

His paper, presentation .ppt file and the video of this talk are available, just click. The video actually contains more than the cat talk: its second part shows Mike’s brief discussion of his cosmological model, which I hope, he will present in more details in July. I think all the attendees enjoyed this version of the Schrodinger cat story, so many thanks, Mike!

One of the key ideas of this talk is that the measurement process always results in an entropy jump, which somehow results in the wave-function collapse. While the entropy jump appears to me very clear, I do not see how it might explain the wave-function collapse.